About Crane Anti Collision Systems

OptiCrane Inc. Safety & Compliance Services, Training & Products, or OptiCrane, provides safe, efficient and comprehensive turnkey management solutions and products for today’s Boom Trucks, Mobile, Self-Erect, Tower and Luffer cranes’ Operators, Managers, Leasers, End Users and Owners. For crane safety products and crane anti-collision management, look no further than OptiCrane!

A bilingual company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, we understand the construction requirements and rigorous conditions that are required to operate cranes and large, heavy construction equipment safely and efficiently. We provide each client with specifically tailored solutions to meet compliance.

Crane Anti-Collision, and Safety & Risk Management

OptiCrane Inc. is focused on assisting all crane owners and users in becoming safer and more successful by providing comprehensive guidance in their overall operations, safety program management and risk management needs.

OptiCrane Crane Anti-Collision and Crane Safety Systems

This allows you to alleviate the risks associated with the use of today’s Boom Trucks, Mobile, Self-Erect, Tower and Luffer cranes and ensures the highest level of crane safety and due diligence in the matter of protection of workers, general public, operators, managers, leasers, as well as investments by project developers and crane owners.

OptiCrane Inc.’s founder has evolved in the safety, risk & compliance management business in the construction and manufacturing industry. Throughout the years, the founder has occupied multiple Manufacturing/Construction management positions which integrated technology for process improvement. It is time for the crane industry to benefit of the available technology and make diligent use of it to ensure everyone’s safety as well as the protection of each owners’ significant investments.
A thorough understanding of Federal and Provincial Laws and Regulations as well as professional interactions with their representatives is key to the success of OptiCrane Inc. and its clients.

OptiCrane Inc.’s Vision and Mission is to offer complete turn-key risk management solutions and products for owners as well as their key elements, their unit operators.
The hazards being many, wheather inside or outside of the construction boundaries, it is imperative to have alert and well trained operators and riggers. Following hand signals, monitoring radio communications, watching for power lines, neighbouring cranes, people, public, no-fly zones and always checking and double checking before lowering and lifting the boom and hook takes a toll on each operator.
This is why OptiCrane Inc. is always on the lookout for the utmost technology advanced field of operator aid related products.

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