Aviation Obstruction Lighting

Cranes pose a real and significant danger for aircraft on approach to helipads and airports. Installation of an Aviation Obstruction Lighting System is imperative to keep construction sites and aircraft safe from disaster. OptiCrane offers full Aviation Lighting with a back-up system. These systems have 110 VAC Input, and include all mounting hardware and cables, as well as engineered custom job mount brackets. Essentially, OptiCrane’s Aviation Obstruction Lighting system is designed to be a plug and play system. Additionally, our systems are available with the following options:

  • L810 Certified Steady or Flashing Red LEDs (12 VDC)
  • L864 Flashing Beacons (24 VDC)

Lastly, and importantly, these systems are self-sufficient for over 72 hours should power failure occur while meeting or exceeding NAVCAN and FAA requirements.

  Crane Aviation Obstruction Lighting