Crane Anti Collision Products

Crane Anti Collision Products

Allow us to increase your cranes’ safety and efficiency by upgrading your units with the most up to date crane anti-collision technology available!

OptiCrane Inc.’s services are complemented by team members who specialize in various Mobile, Self-Erect, Luffer, Tower and Gantry crane technologies which have already been servicing all makes and models for over 30 years in Canada and US.

OptiCrane Inc. has been founded to meet the significant increasing need for firms such as OptiCrane Inc. that combine business strategy and the appropriate level of due diligence. With increasing innovations forwarded with newer cranes, some developers are reluctant to use the services of older style cranes even though they can remain as productive and safe as any newer type crane.

OptiCrane Inc. has several “operator & manager aid products” which are designed to improve the safety and efficiency of all types of cranes.


Aviation Obstruction Lighting

Crane Camera Viewing Systems

TAC-3000 Crane Anti-Collision System