Crane Safety Vancouver

OptiCrane Inc. is headquarted in Vancouver, British Columbia, and we fully understand the construction requirements that are required to operate cranes of all sizes in such a busy city. Each and every year, the City of Vancouver alone sees hundreds of major construction projects take place; and in a city that consistently holds its reputation for being one of most liveable places on earth, it means that regulations and safety are always looked upon highly.

As a crane operator in Vancouver, there is a lot of pressure to do your job well, and do it efficiently. The city has many hazards from power lines to neighboring cranes, as well as fellow workers and the general public. More often than not, the weather conditions aren’t all that great which means limited visibility issues and more strain on everybody involved. You could safely say that OptiCrane Inc. has been exposed to all the elements, and we know just how important it is for operators to be not only physically and mentally competent, but also adequately qualified and experienced. We offer clients the best in safety programs, services and products in the industry today, and we provide specifically tailored safety solutions to meet compliance.

Prioritizing safety has always been our bottom line. We believe that by conducting work safely, not only can injuries be avoided, but businesses will also be able to avoid costly equipment and structural damage to their buildings as well as the surrounding environment. In an industry such as Vancouver, the importance of well-trained and qualified operators that abide by all the required safety practices and regulations is unparalleled. And by undergoing all the necessary inspections, legal requirements and conducting operation safely, we believe that efficiency will soon follow.
Our Vision and Mission is to offer complete turn-key risk management solutions and products for owners as well as their key elements, their unit operators. This means that we prioritize the safety of crane operator and workers, as well as the safety of each and every owner’s significant investments. We’re always up to date on all the most recent Federal and Provincial laws and regulations, and OptiCrane Inc. is always on the lookout for ways to make to use of the latest cutting-edge technologies available to make crane operation easier safer for everyone involved.