LOG-G3 Crane Anti-Collision and Safety Systems Data Recorder

LOG-G3 Crane Anti-Collision and Safety Assist Technology Brought to You by ADEQ


LOG-G3 is a generic data recording device suitable for use in many industrial crane safety applications, whether it’s for tracking equipment fleets, performance data collection or simply for history analysis.

The purpose of recording data is to track, collect and securely store accurate information, which can help you decide where your crane safety systems are working best, and where you could use additional crane anti-collision systems in place. LOG-G3 is designed and built with reliability and security in mind.

To ensure reliability, LOG-G3 has 2 different time sources backed by 2 separate batteries and data is stored in its internal, industrial-grade non-volatile flash memory. This is superior to using SD cards, or any kind of memory cards, where data can be easily deleted or tampered with.

To further prevent data tampering, LOG-G3 also encrypts its recording with AES encryption even after data is retrieved. In addition to being reliable and secure, LOG-G3 is scalable by interfacing to external modules based on highly reliable industry standard CAN bus for fast and reliable communications allowing modules to be add-ons as required for a different setup.

Data Accuracy

  • Dual real-time clock
  • Dual battery backup

Data Integrity

  • Non-removable internal storage
  • AES 128-bit encryption


  • Industrial grade flash memory storage
  • Robust IP67 metal housing
  • Dual redundant bus interface

Cost Effective

  • Modular design
  • Scalable

Crane Safety and Anti-Collision Applications

  • Tower crane
  • Mobile crane
  • Crawler crane
  • Gantry crane
  • Concrete pump
  • Drill
  • Mixer
  • Etc.

Recording Features*

  • Date and time stamped
  • ID of recorder
  • System status (bypass, faults, etc.)
  • Load, radius
  • Wind speed, direction
  • Hook height, speed
  • Location of equipment


  •  Internal, audible alarm
  • SMS alert via GSM module*

Flexible & Customizable Report Generator

  • Dongle protected software, preventing unauthorized use
  • Report generator search
  • Management report
  • Custom software

Optional Add-ons

  • Recording of wind speed & direction
  • Recording of GPS position
  • GSM module
  • Operator ID tracking

ADEQ Data Recorder—Designed, developed & manufactured in Singapore

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* subject to optional signal and interfacing module availability