Crane Safety Services Program

Every year, crane accidents cause millions of dollars in damage in Canada alone. Most of the time, this is because a company tries to cut corners on safety training costs, which in turn means inexperienced and improperly educated individuals are operating these dangerous machines. Prevention is as easy as having the proper education, so miscalculations and accidents don’t happen. OptiCrane Inc. is one of the best providers of Crane Safety programs, products and anti-collision management tools in BC, and we see the importance that safety has in the construction industry and make it our number one priority.

So what is the value of a proper safety program to you? To us, a proper crane safety program doesn’t only come in competence to do the job physically and mentally, but operators must also be adequately qualified to do the job and possess enough experience to see and avoid accidents before they happen.

A proper safety program must also educate operators of Federal and Provincial laws and regulations, regarding crane operation. It is crucial in making sure that all operators are aware of and abide by all the various health and safety codes, acts, and regulations legislated within their province. Crane operators must also know how to properly maintain and inspect their cranes to meet the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and they must be properly educated on all the necessary pre-operational, operational, and post-operational requirements that must be followed.
Supervisors must also be fully aware and be able to follow all safety rules and regulations, and be able to monitor and evaluate the operator’s performance, taking appropriate action when an operator is not actively abiding by safe work-practices. They must have relevant knowledge, operator experience, instructional experience, excellent communication skills, and it is also highly recommended that they take an in-depth course in operator training before in order to become qualified.

A proper crane safety program is something that no company should compromise, and OptiCrane Inc. is always on the lookout for operators, making safety a number one priority in the workplace. Our founder has a thorough understanding of Federal and Provincial laws and regulations regarding crane operations, and actively seeks ways to ensure everybody’s safety, as well as the protection of each owner’s major investments.