TAC-3000 Crane Anti-Collision Systems

Tower Cranes Anti-Collision, Boundary and Zone Protection System—Introduction

TAC-3000 is an easy-to-install system that will work with most make of tower cranes. It is an efficient safety system aiding to prevent serious or fatal accidents that may be caused by human error.

It uses today’s state-of-the-art technologies to provide a safe and reliable system that is suitable for fixed tower cranes as well as tower cranes that travel on tracks regardless of saddle or luffing jib.

However, TAC-3000 is not a fail-safe system as the tower crane operation is still in the operator’s control.

Collision Path Protection

Detect and anticipate the risk of hook block or jib or counter jib collision when multiple cranes of different or same height are in use. The tower cranes can be fixed or travelling on tracks.

Zone Protection

Prevent the hook block from over-sailing into restricted areas like adjacent buildings highways, railway tracks, power lines, ships and other public areas or structures. This will eliminate the risk of load/material from accidentally falling into these restricted areas.

Boundary Protection

Prohibit the hook block from going out of the site perimeters or boundary to prevent risk of load/material being hoist by the tower crane from accidentally falling out of the job site boundary.

Early Warning & Control

  • Real time calculation on the relative distances between potential collision paths and these data will be sent to the involved cranes as well as alerting the operator visually and audibly.
  • Automatic decelerate and stop any crane movements when needed to prevent collision.
  • Provides operator with potential collision direction and colliding crane’s identity on the LCD monitor.
  • Audible bypass alert to remind users of current bypass state.
  • Intelligent automatic mode change from bypass to normal after a preset period with audible warning prior to change.

Fault Detection

The crane will be immobilized should the TAC-3000 detects any module faulty disconnected or tampered with to prevent a safety compromised crane from further operations.

Protecting By a Technologically Advanced System

TAC-3000 is designed with fexibility and scalability in mind. Couple with unlimited free software/irmware upgrades, TAC-3000 is virtually risk free. With its unique data based commissioning method, many advanced features are made possible. The most signiicant advantages are:-

  • Reduced downtime (Time saving wireless upload/update)
    Simulation (simulate the protection function even before installation)

TAC-3000 had been very carefully engineered to ensure that it meets the safety requirement without hampering the tower crane operation.
Every single feature of the TAC-3000 is designed to beneit everyone that uses it, be it the job-site, safety personnel, the crane operator or the installer.

Technology and Hardware

TAC-3000 is the first in the world:

  • To successfully use advance high accuracy earth magnetic sensors for slewing angle sensing which totally eliminated the need to have mechanical gear coupling that is dificult to install and problematic.
  • That uses a 640×480 high resolution color TFT LCD display to provide critical information to the tower crane operator that improves their work eficiency. The layout of the display is carefully designed with the safety information come irst and at the same time displaying assisting information.

Why Choose TAC-3000?

  • Unlimited software/firmware upgrades
  • Radius indicator
  • Anti-collision Simulation.Simulate in advance the workability of the tower cranes.
  • State-of-the-art contactless sensors and equipment to provide accurate and no wear and tear maintenance free operations.
  • One system that suits various types of cranes and make (ixed, travelling,saddle-jib and luffer). Travelling cranes willrequire travelling module.
  • Easy to understand and informative active TFT color LCD display with multi-language support.
  • 3-dimensionalcomputation to maximize tower crane usage eficiently while maintaining its safe use.Precision controlby detecting crane’s structure outline ie. tower-head,tie-bar angle & height,counter-weight depth, rope sag and etc.
  • Scalable design.Additionalfeatures or add-on modules can be software enabled or disabled.Hook height,load,load moment indicators (LMI),wind speed and etc are available as optional add-on modules.
  • Unique bypass key for every units and anti-tampering function to empower the job-site safety personnelto be in fullcontrol of the tower crane safety preventing unauthorized bypassing.


  • Minimum maintenance and easy troubleshooting
  • Reusable for Lufing and Hammer head cranes
  • Informative color TFT LCD display
  • Colliding crane indications and status
  • Network modular design
Fast response time
  • IP65 connectors and cables


  • Save cost and time
  • 2 in 1 system
  • Enhances operator’s efficiency and confidence
  • High quality industrial standard
  • Simple hassle-free installation with less wiring
  • Adaptation to local language
Enhances accuracy and reliability

Major Advantages of TAC-3000

Wireless 1 Minute Uploading

Allows updated crane settings to be uploaded wirelessly from ground instantaneously. E.g.

  • Changing of the crane’s new increased height within a minute.
  • Adding more cranes to the same site willnot affect other cranes operation.
  • Changing of stopping distance and etc.
  • Track extension


Contactless Magnetic Angle Sensor

  • Highly accurate! Reduces installation time and maintenance free.
    No mechanical contact compared to the use of mechanical gear coupling to measure the rotation of the crane’s slewing swing angle.

Self-diagnostic Test Every 2 Seconds

  • Any error would be shown on the monitor in front of the crane operator. He can then inform his supervisor to seek the service personnel’s attention immediately.
  • System error, crane non operational safety feature. Disallowing unsafe crane operations to hamper the overall anti-collision protection within the same site.

Autonomous Operation


  • Allows all cranes in the same anti-collision control zone to work autonomously but maintaining real-time interactive movements control with all the other cranes.
  • During overtime and maintenance work,TAC-3000 allows those cranes not in operation to power down while allowing the operating cranes to maintain the anti-collision and zone protection functions.Systems without this capability would require allcranes to be powered up in order to maintain their anti-collision functions or by by-passing the system for the operating cranes.

Pre-installation & Commissioning Preparation
Easy installation


Pre-installationn and Commissioning Preparation

Allow basic and commonly ready crane data to be input in
advance to minimize commissioning time on site.

  • Digitizing site plan/layout with crane’s location
  • Crane’s dimension and height etc.

Easy Installation

Requires only about 1 to 1 1/2 days for 2 or 3 crane 
installations and commissioning.

Dual Processors Central Processing Unit

Dual Processors Central Processing Unit combined with superior embedded software that computes the anti-collision and protection functions flawlessly and reliably in real-time.

Lightning Surge Isolator

•    Protect and minimize the electronics equipment from damages by lightning strikes.
•    Minimize down-time.

128-bit Data Encryption

128-bit data encryption incorporated into software with a USB dongle and together with the main CPU, builds a high security measure for the wireless upload.

Radio System

Radio system is a specially designed mesh radio with high bandwidth transceiver that can handle very large volume of data for transmission in a very much shorter time.

Anti-tampering Function

Prevents unauthorized practice

Optional Add-On

Scalability is an important consideration for purchasing theTAC-3000. It is a system that will make your investment worth by providing a scalable system which allows it to grow with your needs.

All modules that make up TAC-3000 are re-usable and they can be easily interchanged between systems. Systems purchased with the most basic functions can be upgraded easily by adding in only the modules that you require. You always purchase only those that you need.

Load System

  • Numerical load indicator
  • Numerical SWL indicator (Safe Working Load)
  • Indicates load moment in both numerical and bar display
  • Over-load visual(red colour) and audible warning
  • Automatic over-load slow and cut control for both hoisting and trolley/luffing

Wind Speed Indicator and Alarm

  • Numerical wind speed indicator
  • Preset 2 levels warnings
  • Visual(red colour) and audible warning.

Hook Height Indicator

  • Real-time numericaldisplay of hook height

Contactless Boom Angle Sensor (Luffing Cranes)

  • Light weight and small size
  • Contactless
  • Potted electronics for durability
  • Stainless steel housing

Protection for Traveling Tower Cranes

TAC-3000 basic system is meant for fixed tower cranes. The traveling system is an add-on feature for TAC-3000 to work on tower cranes that travel on tracks regardless of saddle jib or luffing jib or portal cranes.

A stable and reliable position detection is the key to the usability of an anti-collision system on tower cranes that travel on tracks. Hence, we designed the TAC-3000 to use the most advance contactless non-referencing sensor to achieve accurate and reliable position measurement without any mechanical dependency.

This contactless sensor eliminates the problem of wheel rotation measurement that is always hampered by the wheel slippage during crane’s traveling motion. Most importantly, the sensor is non-referencing. Hence, the operator does not have to constantly remember to move the crane to a fxed reference position in order to ensure a reliable position reading which in turn totally eliminates human error.

Easy To Install

Mount the sensor virtually anywhere.


Advance contactless traveling sensor to provide accurate traveled distance with minimum maintenance and eliminate the need to constantly re-initialize reference position after a period of traveling usage.


Adds on seamlessly toTAC-3000 basic system for saddle-jib or luffng or portal cranes that travel on tracks.


Hassle free, one-time full initialization traveling sensor that does not require re-initialization after operating for a period of time.


Real-time Monitoring & Recording System

Tacview is a central on-site real-time monitoring and recording system for TAC-3000 that runs on a standard Windows based PC. It can be installed in the site ofice for safety/project personnel and no wiring connection is required to the tower crane. All data are received wirelessly through the air.

The system consists of software and hardware to facilitate communication with all the tower cranes installed with TAC-3000 on the job site.

Real-Time Monitoring


  • System status (Bypass, Error and etc)
  • Anti-collision status (warning, slow, cut and brake)
  • Plan view of tower cranes slewing and trolley position
  • Load and load-moment
  • Wind speed
  • Hook height

System Management

  • Bypass—Individual crane, zone and boundary
  • Protection zone modiication

Modular Add-on

  • Event recorder
  • Black-box interface
  • Internet remote access

Access Control

  • User ID and password
  • Multi-level user
  • Automatic log-out to prevent unauthorized access

Event Recorder—Optional

Event recorder is an optional add-on software module that allows all monitoring data collected by Tacview to be recorded onto the local hard disk. The amount of data recordable depends on the size of the available disk space. All events are recorded with date and time stamp which can be easily searched during playback.

The event recorder is also used to download data recorded by the black box on the tower crane into its recording database for analysis. This is only possible if the black box module is installed on the tower crane.


  • Date and time stamped
  • System status (Bypass, Error and etc)
  • Anti-collision status (Warning,slow,cut and brake)
  • Plan view of tower cranes slewing and trolley position
  • Load and Load-moment
  • Wind speed
  • Hook height & speed
  • Bypass
  • Protection zone modification
  • User log-in and log-out

Black Box—Optional

The black box is an optional hardware module to be installed on the tower crane. It is housed in an industrial ruggedize enclosure that can withstand shock and weather. Besides recording all anti-collision status, this module is also the irst in the world that records vibration and gyroscopic movement of the tower crane. Alarm can be programmed to alert the operator when vibration exceeds certain Gs for every different direction. And this vibration data can also be used for analysis as and when required for investigation or maintenance purpose.


  • All event recorder’s data
  • Neighbouring cranes’status
  • Machine runtime
  • 4 axes vibration data
  • In cabin sound
  • Digitalvideo up to 4 channels
  • Operator’s radio communication – Optional with TacTalk
  • Voltage and Current – Optional with TacPower

Playback And Report Generator

This is a standard software module in Tacview. It is a playback mechanism to retrieve data and generate report from the data recorded by the event recorder. To facilitate easy playback, searching is a breeze. This module has many complex search functions that enable user to quickly access to the required data and report can be in text or graphical form.


  • Easy graphicalplayback through standard recorder buttons
  • Complex search by
  • Lifting load,load moment,overload
  • Hook operation and wind speed
    • date and time
    • status
    • events
    • cranes
  • Graphicaland text report format

Internet Remote Access—Optional

Internet remote monitoring is an optional software module that will enable a remote Tacview station to access the local Tacview through internet TCP connection. Once the remote station logs in, the remote station has access to all the data either real-time or recorded in the local system.

To bypass and modify any settings, the user must be personally on-site to check and verify the changes. Hence, the System Management feature is automatically disabled in the remote station to prevent the remote user from modifying the settings without being personally present on-site to check and verify.