Tower Crane Anti-Collision Systems

The importance of Tower Crane anti-collision systems in today’s construction industry is higher than it has ever been before. Often, we see construction projects where there are multiple Tower Cranes at one time, and on top of that, there is not much room to maneuver loads through as it is. This has the potential to cause collisions and damage that can be very costly to a company and its workers.

OptiCrane Inc. is the authorized dealer of the TAC-3000 anti-collision, boundary and zone protection safety system throughout the territories. It has exceeded all national and international requirements for safety, and should be an essential tool installed on all tower cranes. The TAC-3000 safety system detects and anticipates the risk of collisions when multiple tower cranes are in use. When the risk of collision is detected, the system calculates the relative distance in real time between collision paths, and alerts both the operator and neighboring cranes via the LCD monitor as well as audibly. If the operator doesn’t react to the signal, the anti-collision system will slow down and stop the tower crane to prevent the collision. This system lets the tower crane to remain in the operator’s control until safe working distances are breached.

Tower Crane anti-collision systems are ideal for companies that are currently using older tower cranes, and need an update with the latest technologies to allow for easier crane lifting, and help promote a safer work environment. The TAC-3000 system is easy to use and easy to install and requires no maintenance whatsoever. It has been proven to be the most accurate system on the marketplace today, and is the world’s most advanced LMI system for Tower Cranes. And at any point if you need assistance with your system, the experienced team at OptiCrane Inc. will always be glad to help you figure out everything you need to know about you TAC-3000. Our focus is on assisting crane owners and users in becoming safer and more successful in providing guidance in their overall operations, safety program management and risk program management needs.

On top of the TAC-3000, OptiCrane offers anti-collision viewing systems that maximize the visibility of the rig and the load, and allow the crane operator to become less dependent on the signaller below. By using all of OptiCrane Inc.’s available technologies simultaneously, not only will the job get done safer, but it will also get done quicker than when lifting with the competitor’s technologies or even lifting blindly. In the end, lifting safely will save a company millions of dollars in damage as well it will minimize the risk of fatal injuries to its workers. There is no compromise when it comes to safety in the workplace.